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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
His ingratitude toward James for saving his life is unbelievable and his insistence on clinging to and ignoring the basic fact that James did indeed risk his life to save his is frankly, incredulous.
I don't understand. How would Snape know James was not in the prank? Snape believed until the end of POA that the Marauders played a prank on him that could have cost him his life and James saved him to save his own neck. He says so to Harry in POA.

POA - Snape's Grudge"And did the headmaster tell you the circumstances in which your father saved my life?" he whispered. "Or did he consider the details too unpleasant for precious Potter’s delicate ears?"

Harry bit his lip. He didn’t know what had happened and didn’t want to admit it __ but Snape seemed to have guessed the truth.

"I would hate for you to run away with a false idea of your father, Potter," he said, a terrible grin twisting his face. "Have you been imagining some act of glorious heroism? Then let me correct you __ your saintly father and his friends played a highly amusing joke on me that would have resulted in my death if your father hadn’t got cold feet at the last moment. There was nothing brave about what he did. He was saving his own skin as much as mine. Had their joke succeeded, he would have been expelled from Hogwarts."
bold mine

It was not until he over heard Lupin talking about the werewolf incident and saying that James was unaware of the so called prank, that Snape would have known that James played no part in it. But even that knowledge will not make Snape feel that James came for him; when the 2 who would be punished with Azkaban, a Kiss or death were Sirius and Remus, James's closest friends, especially Sirius. It's not wrong to say in these circumstances that Snape thought James came for himself and his friends IMO.

Lily did not have to be concerned about his safety when she meets him after the incident.
I disagree. I'm afraid I have a very different view of how two people who are best friends should be with each other; indeed even if they were not best friends, I would expect more than what Lily gave in that memory. To show concern for a boy who she claims is her best friend, when he could have been killed is IMO something one can expect of a friend; not the careless way she behaved.

I just cannot understand how Lily could behave in that memory which shows the her very, very poorly IMO.

He certainly does not want her to ask about what happened.
He never knew she knew. They had been forbidden to talk about it.

Actually Snape could have seized his chance here to really show Lily the type of pranks the Marauders played for fun. He could have ignored Dumbledore and told Lily what happened IMO.

He could have easily turned her away from them, had he given her an account of what happened first. But Snape IMO kept his promise to Dumbledore (at the cost of his friendship with Lily, it looks like to me), and he to his credit, never spoke of what 1) was a pretty horrible incident for him, and, 2) until Lily brought up the subject, was silent about it, which makes me feel that he did not use this incident to try and sway Lily's opinion of the Marauders.

DH - TPT“I’m just trying to show you they’re not as wonderful as everyone seems to think they are.”

Lily somehow heard of this and not the full version either, for she seems to be concentrating more on gratitude for James more than asking Snape what happened and was he okay. She had heard one (incorrect) version; she never bothered to hear her best friend's version IMO.

He is standing there whole and hearty and defending his friends against the charge of using Dark Magic.
And so she need not care, you're saying, if I understand what you wrote. I disagree. I expect more from people who say they are friends, best friends.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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