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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.14

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
I'm not disparaging Snape's bravery, I just think his motives were a little tangled.
His motives may have been tangled in the beginning, but not by the end. Lupin would have died above Little Whinging if Snape had not nearly blown his own cover trying to hit a Death Eater with a Sectumsempra in order to save Lupin's life. Snape does the right thing for its own sake - against an old enemy, and an old enemy who would have turned right around and killed him if given the chance. (Nothing disparaging there about Lupin. Lupin thinks Snape is the enemy, so of course he'd try to kill). Snape didn't do that for Lily, and he didn't do it for revenge against Voldemort. He did it because Lupin's was a life he could save, and he is trying to save all the lives he can.

Also, the notion of tangled motives argues against other statements you've made about Snape being The Redeemed Man. Where is he in the end? Redeemed or not?

Originally Posted by eliza101
Well Frank was old and the voices were murmuring, I'm not saying he wasn't brave. I'm saying he didn't know what he was facing and I think any sensible person would try to escape if they knew what was in that room. Nobody except Harry is going to walk willingly to their deaths. Frank IMO walked blindly to his.
However, he did show a completely different kind of bravery - and one more similar to Snape's. He stayed put in a village where he was despised and mistrusted after the deaths of the Riddles.

Originally Posted by weaver
This is a huge parallel between Snape and Harry that I'm sure has been discussed before - they both calmly walked into situations they knew could, perhaps should, result in their deaths. Of course Harry, in retrospect, understood Snape's bravery. Snape's bravery was the same as his.


The parallels between Snape and Harry are too many for me to believe that it was unintentional on JKR's part.
JKR draws a lot of parallels between Snape and Harry throughout the text. Some of them are blatant and others are more subtle, using language and descriptions to draw parallels. One of the most interesting for me is in the description of their clothes as children. In fact, one wonders if Petunia deliberately dressed this wizard child almost exactly like the wizard boy she knew as a girl.

I have to slip out of this thread for the next 24 hours due to a family situation. But I'll be back, maybe, tomorrow to see where the conversation is then. Have fun!


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