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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.14

Originally Posted by weaver View Post
Re: SIP's drawing the parallel between Frank Bryce and Snape.

I had never thought of that before. They did both approach danger calmly. In this Harry parallels them both. Both Snape and Frank stayed in places where they were at least mistrusted, if not disliked. JKR tries to show Harry paralleling this as well. He stays with the Dursleys through necessity, and even though he has great support at Hogwarts, he also has to deal with a lot of negative press.

The parallels between Snape and Harry are too many for me to believe that it was unintentional on JKR's part.
Hi, Weaver!

Another parallel is that Harry is also attacked by the snake inside Bathilda's abandoned house. So that's Frank, Snape, Harry - and to me they are all brave. Harry is only saved by Hermione's quick thinking, so he's the lucky one of the three.

Each of them is also a little confused about what's going on just before they are attacked - I guess they had "snake charm syndrome." Frank thinks there are kids in the house and doesn't believe in wizards. Snape has no knowledge of the Elder Wand. And Harry is fooled by Inferi-Bathilda.

ETA: I see the death of Frank and the attack on Mr. Weasley at the Ministry as foreshadowing for what happens to Harry and Snape (and Charity Burbage) in DH.


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