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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.14

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
Frank Bryce walked up to the house because he thought some village kids had broken in and were vandalising the place. Brave enough in it's way but he didn't know who Voldemort was. If he had I think he would have run a mile in the other direction, bad leg and all. What sensible person wouldn't.
I'm not disparaging Snape's bravery, I just think his motives were a little tangled.
Frank overheard Voldemort and Peter talking about being wizards, but we went forward anyway.

I beg to differ that Frank would have run away. The point of Frank's character - in my opinion - is that he never ran away, even when being accused of the murder of his employers, and he stayed in a town where he wasn't welcome. That reminds me of Snape - the point being he was not the sort of man to run away.

Also they were both killed by Nagini. There's that little point, too.


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