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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.14

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
Understanding that Snape believes things in a certain is not condoning what he believes his actions that stem from those beliefs. His beliefs are just that, his beliefs. That in no way makes them fact and incumbant on other people to be influenced by them.
But his beliefs explain his acts, and that is what we're discussing here.

As for the POA, I think (and It's just my opinion) the less said about Snape's behaviour in that book the better. He was proved wrong about Sirius and Remus time after time. What came out of his mouth then was anger and hatred for the person he thought was responsible for Lily's death and he did not want to have that opinion contradicted. I think Snape wants to believe ill of the Marauders, because lets face it they were nasty gits to him. (Well James and Sirius was.)
He was wrong about Sirius being a traitor and murderer - as almost the whole wizarding world. He was - maybe not in a good, but certainly in a BIG company there.

He was wrong about Remus - yes. Still, Remus kept for himself an important information - about Sirius being an Animagus, so Snape wasn't even so wrong about him being not entirely trustworthy...

He didn't want his opinion contradicted - of course, let's face it, who actually likes being contradicted?

He grew up so much, I wish he had been able to let go of the poison of his bitterness toward the Marauders.
Oh, this sentence could be directly applied to other characters than Snape. Being stuck in the past is one of the most frequent things that happen in the Potterverse.

And you are absolutely right, they were real gits to him. But that should be discussed in the Maraduders thread.

Severus Snape: More Enigma Than Riddle

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