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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.13

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
I'm just trying to work this out in my own mind and not meaning to be argumentative! Why would he expect to find anything of Lily's there? It appears JKR needed him to be there whether it makes sense or not! (Hmmm, this is beginning to sound like something that belongs on the 'things that were too easy' thread! )
I'm not trying to be argumentative either. Sorry if it came out that way.

Let's imagine for a second that it actually is the night that Snape kills Dumbledore. He's about to go underground until the MoM falls. And really, there is only one place where he might find something of Lily's.

He doesn't have to expect to find something of Lily's in order to think that he might. Sirius was the godfather to Lily's son. It's possible - however much of a long shot - that there's something in Grimmauld Place relating to Lily. And it's pretty clear from the state of the house on the trio's arrival that when Severus did come, he pretty much tore up the place looking for something. What else would he be ransacking the place to find? (and why would Moody straighten up after him? )

Anyway, that's my take.


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