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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.13

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
What DE's were basically 'good' people at heart?
What is a 'basically good person at heart'? I am not dismissing atrocities performed by DEs, and I do acknowledge it is literary characters we're talking about and therefore can afford to generalize without repercussions, but still...

How does one make such a statement about someone's character based on one faucet of the said person's life? For most characters all we get as straightforward canon is the intent to commit violence in the name of beliefs. We have no idea what kind of parents, lovers, employees and friends they make...

But, back to Snape.

It never ceases to amaze me how ready people are to forget the 'What about my soul' scene and draw conclusions based on their own perception of what being a DE constitutes of.

Taking a side in an existing conflict, as most people who've actually witnessed a war will tell you, is inevitable. Even if 'taking a side' merely means siding with a certain perception of events. And more often than not, the decision on which side to take is based on personal experience with one or both sides of the conflict. Whether or not the person switches allegiance in the future also depends on personal experiences with the chosen side.

So, we have Potter&co on one side, and Lucius&co on the other. Based on his personal experiences with both.... I wonder why Snape chose the DEs at that point.

Now I may feel that DD would have kept the Potter's safe with nothing in return, but Snape clearly feels that he has to do whatever DD tells him to do. This to me indicates that in a similar situation he too would expect payback for a favour.
Actually, to me it indicates lack of experience to support thinking otherwise. DD (or anyone else, for that matter) has never offered Snape anything without asking something in return. Not protection, not the job, not information.

Snape had to barter for everything he ever got in life - abuse for Hogwarts when he was a kid (you'll remember that parents could -and did- pull their kids out of Hogwarts), his interests for Lily's friendship, silence about the Shack for continued attendance, and allegiance for acceptance with his Slytherin friends. It is perfectly understandable that he foresaw DDs request.

So, IMO Snape did not turn to the light willingly, He was coerced into it by DD.
So, the wish to save someone's life does not count as 'light-worthy' in your books?


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