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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.13

Originally Posted by Sissy_000 View Post
Look guys,I think that Snape,is a good person with a good personality,cause in his life happend very very bad things....Like Lily,she die.....Like Hogwarts all students making fun off him....His Family, they yell with him all the time, like harry and worse....I dont think that with all these things,u will have a good life.I think that he is a good people and if he were a Death Eater,it is normal....!!!!!!!
Bad things happen, you have to deal with it. You don't don't join an orginisation that murders the people who disagree with you because bad things happen. Snape joined the DE's, he did that on his own. The DE's made very bad things happen to a lot of people. Snape was part of that orginisation, that cannot be ignored or played down because bad things happened to him.
What also can't be ignored is that eventually he changed. It took a long time and he hurt a lot of people, (Harry,Neville for example), but he did change. But you cannot say it is all right to do something bad because bad things happened to you, that is not an excuse.

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