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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.13

Originally Posted by CrimsonZephyr View Post
If Lily or James hadn't died, I think Snape might've been able to reconcile with them both. He never saw Lily as a wife and a mother (well, unless she was with him) and he never really witnessed James's transition from schoolyard bully to heroic fighter of the Order. He was a Death Eater - on the other side of the law. But if Sirius, even by request of Dumbledore, was able to at least shake hands with Snape and temporarily bury the hatchet for the greater good, I think James would have as well. Snape did, after all, spy for Dumbledore purely out of a desire to keep Lily - and later Harry - safe.

But instead of seeing the Potter family whole and alive, they were killed before he had the chance. He never lost the image of James as his tormentor and he never came to terms with his marriage to Lily. Both ate away at him for a decade. Really, for everyone in the Marauder generation, Godric's Hollow represented the beginning of one great lost opportunity for reconciliation, as well as the destruction of a friendship.
I would disagree because I don't think Snape saw James as his tormentor. I think he saw him as his enemy, much like Draco saw Harry and I feel he held a personal grudge in that regard. But more importantly, he was jealous over Lily and that wasn't going to ebb either because of Snape's personality, imo. So I don't think that you would have any sort of reconciliation, even under the best of circumstances - and I don't think there was one with Sirius either, despite their being forced to shake hands. I feel his behavior toward his enemies and his questionable stance in working for Dumbledore (assuming he wouldn't admit that he'd come over due to his feelings about her) would have kept Lily distant as well.

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