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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.13

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
I chose "Was completely unjustifiable and should have been stopped."
I think Snape believed he acted as well as he could around Neville-- "Believed" being the operative word, obviously. He's used to being hard on students and using scare tactics, and because he either would not or could not understand Neville's position, he persisted in these harebrained tactics with the aim of improving Neville's performance. I find it telling that he asks "What do I have to do to make you understand, Longbottom?" in PoA. It points both to his motive and his lack of understanding in a case like Neville's.
I am in awe of Iggy's analysis.

Totally agree. Snape is an exacting teacher and is just not the right sort of person to handle a sensitive child like Neville. Sometimes a teacher exasperated with a pupil like Neville tries a tough approach in order to toughen the kid up ... with some children this might work, but Neville is not one of them.

Unfortunately, the stakes were high here because Neville lacked the resiliency other children had and Severus could have (and may have) done him real damage. Neville needed a gentler hand and some real support from the adults around him. That a 15-year-old kid figured out what people several times his age couldn't is just plain sad.
(Frankly, I think Minerva should have been more sympathetic to Neville too. She gets there in the end, in OotP.)

But very often Rowling's teachers really do behave like they're in a British boarding school from the 1950s.

Perhaps he would have made a comfortable living supplying clients and shopkeepers with rare potions.
That's a nice thought ...

Something tells me, however, that teaching may not have been high on his list of preferred jobs.

Snape's attitude to Moody from the GoF excerpt

In how far do you interpret this scene differently after DH?
As per Iggy's quote, I interpret it very differently after reading GoF.

Was Snape really uncomfortable around Moody or was that only the trio's interpretation?
Oh, no doubt he was, in the light of the real Moody's scepticism about his turning from the Dark to the Light. But the Trio, of course, are not aware of any of that.

Why would Snape be afraid of Moody?
Anyone who suspects Snape is going to make his job as double agent difficult ...

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