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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.11

Originally Posted by TreacleTartlet
This is true, Harry doesn't complain. Although, what has always puzzled me is that other people did know about Harry's mistreatment by the Dursley's long before OotP. The Weasleys knew very early in the story, yet nothing was done about it until OotP. I'm rather surprised that Molly didn't go marching off to see Dumbledore about it much earlier.
It is rather confusing, because Mr. Weasley notices that the Dursleys aren't saying good-bye to Harry at the beginning of GoF, but then again he is sympathetic to them because Dudley gets the ton-tongue toffee, plus he tears up their fireplace using the floo network. I'm guessing Mr. W. just thought that the Dursleys were upset even though the Twins seemed to see Dudley as a bully even then.

The other thing I don't understand is why no one questioned Harry about staying at school over the holidays, although Snape might have thought it was so Harry could still use magic. Plus Ron or Hermione are with him nearly every year. Seems as if Dumbledore should have at least asked him once or twice what the Dursleys got him for Christmas.


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