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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.11

Originally Posted by CathyWeasley View Post
"To whom did the dog belong?"
Did he perhaps think it was Petunias dog?
Possibly, but I think it was more that he was curious.

And how did he feel seeing Harry's memories and knowing he was being badly treated by Petunia?
I think he was more than likely very surprised by what he saw. He probably had no idea before this as to how miserable Harry's home life with the Dursleys was.

Did he feel some sort of empathy for Harry as Harry did for Snape when he saw SWM?
As his own childhood home was unhappy, yes, I think he did empathise with Harry at that moment.
And is this the reason why that at the end of OotP the Dursleys are challenged by people from the wizarding world regarding their treatment of Harry for the first time?
Yes, I think so. I have thought that this was more than just a coincindence now for a long time. I imagine Severus would have reported back to Dumbledore just exactly what he had seen during the lesson, which resulted in the Dursleys being warned.
Did Snape relate to Dumbledore everything that he had seen (I personally was sure he had done even before DH)?
Oh, I am sure he must have as Dumbledore seemed to know all about how the lessons went.

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
I think the reason no one knew until Occlumency is that Harry has been trained from childhood not to be a complainer. But as he gets older, Harry tried to tell Dumbledore a few times.
This is true, Harry doesn't complain. Although, what has always puzzled me is that other people did know about Harry's mistreatment by the Dursley's long before OotP. The Weasleys knew very early in the story, yet nothing was done about it until OotP. I'm rather surprised that Molly didn't go marching off to see Dumbledore about it much earlier.

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