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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.11

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
I would think he'd be appalled that Petunia would do such a thing, but in hindsight would believe it not too surprising. Despite the fact that his overall views on Muggles changed, I don't think his opinion of Petunia changed one jot.
If so, Snape would be behaving like the biggest hypocrite in town, imo, and I truly don't say that to be mean or anything. But surely some of the things he had done - and would do, like encouraging Draco to set the Snake against him and whipping Harry across the face with that dark curse were equal to, if not worse than Harry sitting in a tree while a dog threatened below.

Where would Snape get off being appalled at someone else's atrocious behavior? I just don't see canon support for big hearted Snape hiding behind a mask of cruelty, because generally it was him we saw enacting it throughout the series toward Harry and other children, imo. In another example, wasn't Harry being threatened that way strikingly similar to Snape threatening Neville with the death of his frog? Snape placed terror in that child's heart the same way, imo - and showed equivalent pleasure although not laughing out loud. It is possible he felt he alone had the right to behave in an abusive manner or be the controlling figure in having others do it for him, but I think that is a more macabre interpretation of Snape, imo, and I don't feel he went that far. Besides "Trees - Petunia - Snape - harm" seems to carry a theme of its own, what with Snape having dropped the branch on Petunia when young... now Petunia carrying on the tradition...


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