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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
Very true...
And, as I said earlier, it was easier for Sev to mention where the Marauders were going wrong than to realize where he himself was going wrong. However, the fact is that wrongs were being committed by everyone, and the fact that Lily and Severus both chose only to see one type of wrong and ignore the other was both a huge threat to their friendship and......wrong.
I would respectfully disagree. In my view, Lily didn't wish to share in Snape's prejudice against werewolves and his suspicions about Remus (which he wasn't supposed to be talking about at all, but brought up - POA). I do not feel that Lily was wrong to become aggravated and miffed at him over that topic. Nor, in my judgment, was Lily willing to share in Snape's wrongful view that there was no difference between dark and light magic. I fail to see where Lily was wrong in that conversation. I believe she had a right to express her view when Snape changed the topic to those points. Those were the only points Snape brought up in that regard.

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