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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
IMO, Lily's attraction to James began even earlier than SWM. In the scene where she and Severus are arguing about the Werewolf Incident, she seems to take James' side on that issue despite evidence to the contrary and implies that the Marauders are somehow better than Mulciber/Avery, despite the fact that their actions are very similar.

IMO, Lily wasn't the only one out of line there. Severus was being foolish and allowing his jealousy of James to distract him, as that is easier than noticing what is wrong with his friends' actions.
However his fear that James might come between them does, IMO, hold a lot of water. He is, on some level, one of the reasons for their argument. Lily wants him to own up to his mistakes, but Severus cannot do so when he sees Lily making similar ones.

(And note that I said "he sees Lily making mistakes". IMO, Severus thinks this. I'm not touching on my own opinion, because I know that will cause WW3...)

I thought as WWB says that they were talking about Avery and Mulciber and that Snape dragged the Maurauders into the conversation himself. IMO I thought he did it to deflect the conversation away from his friends and housemates to Lily's housemate and boys she was at the very least friendly with. As Lily said, what did they have to do with what she was talking about? She was talking to Snape about people she knew had done wrong and he started talking about a situation she could only surmise about. The werewolf incident had nothing to do with Avery and Mulciber and what they did to Mary.

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