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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
But while I don't condone the Marauders' stupidity in the werewolf incident, I still don't think we should lose sight of the fact of the seriousness of Lily's concerns about Mulciber/Avery's influence on Severus and the whole anti-Muggle thing. I do think that the worrisome anti-Muggle thing gets lost sometimes in this debate, i.e. how it impinged on Snape and Lily's friendship. It's a really important point that JKR tends to hammer home.
I agree; however, I feel it was more than just the sentiment that had Lily concerned; it was the whole Death Eater ideology that went with the idea of blood superiority - supression and even death to Muggles and Muggleborns arising out of the disrespect shown by Mulcider in this instance. The use of dark magic (from Lily's perspective, harmful curses) against others went beyond mere anti-muggle sentiments to the idea of not doing that type of thing to anyone, imo.

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
IMO, Lily's attraction to James began even earlier than SWM. In the scene where she and Severus are arguing about the Werewolf Incident, she seems to take James' side on that issue despite evidence to the contrary and implies that the Marauders are somehow better than Mulciber/Avery, despite the fact that their actions are very similar.

IMO, Lily wasn't the only one out of line there.
I respect your view, but I would disagree with the assertion that Lily was out of line. Her point was not that the Marauders were somehow better individuals for pranking people using light magic or delinquent magic - she was against that also as she pointed out to James in SWM. In my opinion, her point was that Dark Magic (harmful curses in her view) were wrong and in that light - and only that light - the activities of the Marauders were better and not comparable to the lengths that Snape's friends were going to in their antics against others. The action being similar (issuing a spell at someone) was completely beside the point, yet Snape was trying to make it the point - he was the one that brought the Marauders into the conversation (DH TPT). Lily was not thinking about James or the Marauders at all, but about Snape, but he appeared to be anxious to bring up the Marauders, specifically James and when you consider that the Marauders were not particular friends of Lily's at that time, it makes little sense for him to have done so, imo. Lily was likely friendly with them as she was all of her housemates, but she was not so friendly as to be influenced by them, imo, as she had not taken up pranking or hex wars to our knowledge as provided in canon.

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