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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by random_musing View Post
I don't think Lily knew she was in love with James yet but it is clear that Severus was weary of James' ongoing attempts to date Lily. I think Snape knew James as a threat to their friendship which was already slowly deteriorating. And just as Sev saw James as a bigger threat, Lily saw Avery and Mulciber as a bigger threat and frankly it seems clear to me that she was right.
I think Lily did have a deep attraction which I do think was love; but I also think she fought it hard (that's why IMO she did not go out with James as soon as she broke off with Snape; it took her more than a year and a half or so).

I think kittling made an excellent point about threats on both sides and I agree with her. Because I think Lily would not have been able to give up James and I don't think Snape would have agreed to that and they would have split anyway (assuming Snape turned away from Avery and Co). If Snape was with Avery and Co then Lily would have broken off with him IMO.

I think Lily was in love with James and she used the SWM and her possibly growing concerns to break off with Snape telling him that she knew he would surely become a DE (not the exact words) IMO.

Lily was correct IMO because Snape had no one to guide him, and having lost one thing very near to him, he probably did not want to loose the other too. I am not blaming Lily for breaking off with Snape, I am only trying say why he proved Lily's words right.

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