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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

This is from a while ago, but I saw it and had to comment.
Originally Posted by CathyWeasley View Post
Snape's feelings for Harry are incredibly complex.
I actually completely disagree with that. I don't think that Snape's feelings for Harry changed one bit until the very, very end when he asked him to look at him. That was when he realized he was Lily's son. Before that, he just thought Harry was a photocopy of James. When Snape was protecting Harry, he did not do it at all because of his care for Harry. Remember when Dumbledore asked if he had become fond of Harry? Snape said- "Not for him." See? EVerything he was doing was for Lily, not Harry's sake.

I still think he absolutely hated Harry, until the very end. The only time he ever shows an emotion to him that isn't anger or meanness, it's during Occlumency lessons, and Snape has to be fair there otherwise Harry won't learn Occlumency and Snape would not be doing his job. I don't think he was ever even fair to Harry, ever. I found Snape's feelings for him to be the immature basis of a stupid schoolboy grudge. I found this line from SS/PS, after Harry learns from Quirrell that Snape was trying to save him-
SS/PS Chapter 17, The Man With Two FacesHarry looked up at the High Table at Snape, and knew that his feelings for Harry hadn't changed one jot.

I don't think Snape ever tried to see Harry as a good person, either. He didn't give him a chance from the first Potions lesson they had together, and he was just like that ever since. So I don't think that Snape's feelings for Harry were complex at all, moreover, they were very simple and laid out. All my opinion.

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