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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Thanks Ignisia & Pearl Took – I guess the thought of using the word fair about Snape just made me jumpy

I have to admit that I find Snape’s tendency to give Harry a lot of detentions odd. It’s not that he gives Harry detentions, just that most of them seem to involve Harry & Snape being in the same room together alone. To me this indicates that Snape doesn’t just seen James in Harry – after all would he really want to spend time shut in a room with James? I can’t see it myself! He could go off knowing he’d set some really horrible detention and saviour the thought of it without punishing himself by sharing time with him, couldn’t he? But mostly he chooses detentions that put him in a room with Harry. Does that mean that in some way he can see Lily somewhere in there?

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