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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

POA, Hermione's Secret
*Snape speaking with the Minister of Magic*

"Ah, well, Snape...Harry Potter, you know...we've all got a bit of a blind spot where he's concerned."

"And yet - is it good for him to be given so much special treatment? Personally I try to treat him like any other student. And any other student would be suspended - at the very least - for leading his friends into such danger. Consider, Minister: against all school rules - after all the precautions put in place for his protection - out of bounds, at night, consorting with a werewolf and a murderer - and I have reason to believe he has been visiting Hogsmeade illegally, too-"

"well, well...we shall see, Snape, we shall see...the boy has undoubtedly been foolish..."

To me this scene actually tells us something quite profound about Snape, but I don’t know how to explain it without saying something that will sound rather strange & possibly controversial – so take a breath & read through it before you start to throw tomatoes

When I read this excerpt it reminds me of how I think Snape must have felt about the way Dumbledore handled the fall out from Sirius’s werewolf ‘prank’. I think he felt totally let down. From his point of view the popular kids had got away with putting his life is serious danger because they were favourites not just of the other students but of the teachers as well. I think that to him it seemed incredibly unfair.

Children need limits – James had been indulged by his parents & continued (from Snape’s PoV) to be indulged by the teachers at school. Now Snape sees Harry continually be indulged by other teachers and allowed to get away with continually breaking school rules.

Sometimes I think that the unfairness of both the situation’s he has been in and the unfairness of the way Harry is treated overwhelms him and galls him – which appears to be rather strange because the way he treats Harry often seems so unfair.

However I wonder if in some bizarre and somewhat inappropriate manner he was trying to even the balance somewhat? Harry was a celebrity, many people were awed just by the sight of him (especially in PS), he did get preferential treatment, even McGonagall who was normally a stickler for fairness was not immune from such behaviour.

I think seeing this would not have been easy for Snape & it would have been even harder for him that Harry, who looked so like his father, was being treated in such a similar fashion to James.

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