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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post

Fundamentally, imo, Snape did not wish to see any more of Harry!James than absolutely necessary and having him removed from the school would have been a victory over James (Harry) in his opinion. I think the conversation with the Minister of Magic was particularly telling because Snape believed that he was speaking to him privately and the Minister was the only person who could go over Dumbledore's head. Snape's even suggesting the idea of suspension "at least" to the Minister about Harry takes the matter outside of the realm of an 'empty threat' imo, because the Minister would not see it as a threat, but rather as a serious suggestion that Harry be at least temporarily removed. The Minister did not agree with Snape, but what if he had and had a suspension issued for Harry?
I don't think the minister was really taking him seriously anyway, he though he was bitter or something. However I don't think if he agreed that he would have intervened, after all it's not common practice for the ministry to intervene at Hogwarts as we can see on ootp, the ministry intervening was generally not seen as a good thing

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