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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

I chose loathing, because it's more inclusive. Loathing could be caused by jealousy, and it includes hatred; plus it's a logical feeling to have a result of bullying, while contempt, in my opinion, is a rather arrogant feeling for those we consider beneath us, and I don't think Snape, as much as he hated Potter Sr., saw him that way. I don't think it's envy at all, because until he started dating Lily, James had nothing, I think, which Severus craved. We don't see him overexerting himself to be popular, or expressing any interest in Quidditch as a student; and seeing as how intelligent Snape was even in school, I don't see a basis for envy in the academic field either. So, in my opinion, loathing best encompasses Severus's attitude towards James.

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