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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
Here I must disagree with you, TGW. Snape's antipathy to Harry makes no sense to me if it's not everything to do with how Snape feels about James. To Snape, Harry is James Incarnate: not only is Harry a reminder to Snape of what he lost, he is also determined to see the Boy Who Lived as a spoilt, conceited brat who disobeys rules and takes stupid risks. This view helps to explain Snape's immense anger at Harry in PoA, for example, when he accuses Harry of putting himself at risk and thus dishonouring the efforts of others to protect him from 'the murderer Sirius Black'.

But Harry, whilst reckless and often a rule-breaker, is not a spoilt brat, and his deceased father did not grow up to be a villain. So, while I completely acknowledge that Snape worked to protect Harry, his perspective on the boy is at the same time unfair and skewed and distorted. As Albus says to him, "You see what you want to see." Unfortunately, he seems determined to see Harry as the worst of James Potter reborn from the word go.

JKR says that Snape "loathed Harry to the very end". The way I see it is that Snape wrestled with his feelings towards the boy -- wanting to hate him because he was Potter's son, yet sworn to protect Harry because he'd loved his mother. But the only reason I can think of why Snape would have loathed Harry so much (for the most part) is because he had loathed his father.
I so agree with this. I do not think there is any other reason for Snape's animosity toward Harry other that the fact that he is James' son. His takes all his feelings toward James and projects them onto Harry. This is why he treats Harry the way he does. I do not see any other reasons for it, imo.

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