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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

This time a quotation from CoS:    

  Goyle's potion exploded, showering the whole class. People shrieked as splashes of the Swelling Solution hit them. Malfoy got a faceful and his nose began to swell like a balloon; Goyle blundered around, his hands over his eyes, which had expanded to the size of a dinner plate - Snape was trying to restore calm and find out what had happened. Through the confusion, Harry saw Hermione slip quietly into Snape's office.

"Silence! SILENCE!" Snape roared. "Anyone who has been splashed, come here for a Deflating Draft - when I find out who did this -"

Harry tried not to laugh as he watched Malfoy hurry forward, his head drooping with the weight of a nose like a small melon. As half the class lumbered up to Snape's desk, some weighted down with arms like clubs, others unable to talk through gigantic puffedup lips, Harry saw Hermione slide back into the dungeon, the front of her robes bulging.

When everyone had taken a swig of antidote and the various swellings had subsided, Snape swept over to Goyle's cauldron and scooped out the twisted black remains of the firework. There was a sudden hush.

"If I ever find out who threw this," Snape whispered, "I shall make sure that person is expelled."

Harry arranged his face into what he hoped was a puzzled expression. Snape was looking right at him, and the bell that rang ten minutes later could not have been more welcome.

"He knew it was me," Harry told Ron and Hermione as they hurried back to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. "I could tell."

Hermione threw the new ingredients into the cauldron and began to stir feverishly.

"It'll be ready in two weeks," she said happily.

"Snape can't prove it was you," said Ron reassuringly to Harry. "What can he do?"

"Knowing Snape, something foul," said Harry as the potion frothed and bubbled.

[*]Do you interpret this scene differently after DH?

I think I do. After OOTP it is known that Snape was a Legilimens. And in HBP, Harry realizes that Snape was looking into his mind after the sectumsempra incident and asked Harry to bring his old book.

I think Snape read Harry's thoughts at that time too in CoS. And that was why he was looking straight at Harry when he said he would expel the person who threw the firecracker if he ever caught them IMO.

But Snape never goes through with the act. It is these things that make me feel that Snape did not see Harry only as James's son, but he also saw Lily in him. He hissed and barked a lot, but never punished Harry as he might have if he had really loathed and disliked Harry until the very end like JKR says IMO.

Like in this case I think he saw in Harry's mind, Harry throwing the firecracker into Goyle's cauldron, and then he said would expel those responsible, but all the time looking straight at Harry. But what does he do to find out who did it?

Nothing IMO. Because I think he knew and he left it at that. He never does anything that could seriously harm Harry IMO.

[*]Was Snape's reaction possibly influenced by his feud with James Potter?

I don't think so. I think Snape felt a lot of contempt for James and because of the SWM and the werewolf incident, he also held James partially responsible IMO for his break up with Lily. But I don't think he ever hurt Harry just because he had no opinion of Harry's father.

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