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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by zgirnius View Post
I understand your point of view. I would point out that even if Snape did feel affection for Dumbledore, this does not mean Dumbledore deserved to be the recipient of such regard from Snape. He may, or may not. I tend to come down on the side that he did, to an extent, have Snape's best interests at heart, so I guess I think he did desrve the regard I see Snape as having for him, but that I realize we will not agree on.
I cannot seem to look past Dumbledore's treatment of Snape with respect to the Elder wand. That as I posted in the Dumbledore thread makes me think that even if Dumbledore respected Snape or perhaps even liked him, he was still sending him to death without Snape's knowledge. I feel Snape should have known and it was Dumbledore's duty to tell him, about the wand. While Snape may have felt affection for Dumbledore ( I am still in doubt on that) I think, had he not been desperately saving his life until he could give Harry his memories, he would have felt betrayed by Dumbledore's actions as well.

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