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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by zgirnius View Post

I would take out the opinion language. If anyone thinks we do see Snape being coerced by Dumbledore into protecting Harry, I would ask them to tell me where.
Well in answer to your question, I would say the first example is in Dumbledore's office when the request was made. Snape declared that Harry didn't need any protection because Voldemort was dead. Then he reluctantly agreed to do it, illiciting a promise from Dumbledore in return.

After that, Snape kept his promise, but I believe that the way Snape treated Harry in general and even at times when he was supposed to be protecting him, evidences his distaste for the job.

Example: Snape suspects Harry went to Hogsmeade. In an effort to protect him, he begins a tirade during which he belittles Harry and his father, setting Harry's back up completely and Harry feels only anger. Lesson not learned. Lupin steps in and takes over - lesson learned.

Example 2: Snape is called upon to protect Harry specifically against Voldemort by teaching him occulmency - Snape, the adult in the sitution, allows his emotions to once again rule him and fails at enabling this particular protection.

Example 3: Snape is fleeing Hogwarts after killing Dumbledore, the DEs attack Harry and Snape calls them off. Then he proceeds to knock Harry about, taunt him and belittle his father, loses control and viciously whips Harry (protection over). Buckbeak had to come in and rescue Harry from Snape himself.

Examples for 4: Harry was in danger in CoS in the chamber, in PS/SS in association with the stone, in OOTP at the DOM - and not in one of those incidents was Snape on the scene to help - despite being a good spy and able to trace Harry's every step if he so desired (note this was not during school class time). The DOM incident, Snape even knew about first hand. Now I am not saying that Snape should have rushed in, but the fact is, if he felt a need or desire to protect Harry that was based on a genuine feeling of need to do so, he would have spied and followed the child and he would have gone to the DOM at all costs. But Snape did not. He only did what Dumbledore asked him to do unless Harry was in trouble before him.

Example 5: In GoF, Snape did not run up to Harry when he came out of the maze, hurt and carrying the dead Cedric - Snape did not bend down to assure himself that Harry was all right. If one is proactively protecting someone because they have a real desire to do so and they care, that would be the normal reaction.

What is missing is any evidence that Snape protected Harry because he wanted to rather than because Dumbledore asked him to. I would be interested in any canon that showed Snape protected Harry because he had a fervent desire to do so, or because he cared.


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