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Re: Severus Snape's Death v2.

Originally Posted by Montse View Post
This shows us how brave he was,because he found out at the very last moment and decided(and here he did have a tiny winny,binny choice)to follow DD plan,if you see it that he could have howled like petigrew would have done,saying,no dark lord ,dont ,it wasnt me who disarmed DD,it was the malfoy boy,you need t kill him instead of me...But he kept his mouth shut and died,trying to follow the well lead plan DD has set...eventhough ,tehre was this little twitch,it had all worked for the best ,and he knew it,so he kept shut and did chose to die...BUT it was set up by not delievering form guilt,im just saying Snape was brave enough tofollow the destiny DD has planned for him.

After all he was all the time a puppet in the hands of the puppeter(DD)
This is how I look atit too. Snape also could have told Voldemort that Dumbledore and he planned it - but that he'd gone along with the plan (and even made a Vow to ensure he'd do it) to ensure Voldemort was pleased. May have worked, but instead he remained silent and was killed. So in a way Harry coming along was a reward for that decision because Snape did want to give him the memories. Plus he got to see the two great forces in his life, in rememberance, James and Lily, offering a last chance for him to find some peace with those forces.

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