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Re: Severus Snape's Death v2.

I would answer these questions with great pleasure, if I believe in Snape's death. I gave some proofs in previous version of this thread and I may add something to them.

Snape and Dumbledore definitely had to guess that Voldemort would use Nagini as a weapon against Snape and he wouldn't use the Elder Wand against his probable master. Therefore he had to prepare antidote against Nagini's bite. I can't even assume that Snape didn't know how to prepare it. He used to be a teacher of potions, also he was a spy, and he naturally had to know how to prepare it, otherwise he just couldn't take these places. Nagini's bite wasn't usual, but on the other hand, even a healer from St. Mungo's hospital managed to prepare it, 2,5 years ago. So it hardly was a complicated problem for Snape.
Then, interesting thing some people noticed. As we know, bezoar is a universal antidote, and in principle, it might be an antidote for the Draught of Living Death. And it may be a reason of Snape was like a dying man - he took the Draught of living death and performed all the features of death and the he took a bezoar.
During the scene in the hut Snape had been looking at Nagini for a long time. He could be amazed that Dumbledore had predicted it so exactly, but he wasn't so dumb to stare at her so long and evidently. It seems like he made hints to Voldemort about using Nagini as weapon of murdering.
I think Snape specially was reducing all to be defeated by Nagini. And he provided for every eventuality with Dumbledore.

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