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Re: How did Snape find H&H in the Forest of Dean?

Originally Posted by toonmili View Post
The snatchers were able to find Harry and Hermione and Ron when they were shielded.
The Snatchers found them because the protective charms they were using were knocked out when they broke the formal Taboo against saying Voldemort's name. That's how the Snatchers knew where to apparate.

Remember - Ron says something about needing to restore the protective charms as the Snatchers surround the tent.

I forget if it said it explicitly in the text, but breaking the Taboo must also have triggered an anti-disapparition jinx (or the Snatchers placed one instantly upon arrival). Otherwise, the trio would have had a moment to grab their critical baggage (the sword & Hermione's bag), set fire to the tent (to conceal evidence of their identity), and disapparated from inside the tent.

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