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Re: Your Worst Tonks-esque Moment

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
You wanna talk good skiing stories, I once got on a ski lift and as I was lifted up off the ground my left ski fell off my boot and slid away... I had to get off at the top with one ski and had to be skidoo'ed back down the mountain to retrieve my stupid lost ski back at the bottom lashed to the back of a weird, 40-year-old ski-resort employee. (I was about 10 years old at the time)
OMG!! I forgot my skiing Tonks-esque!! I was skiing at a local run. Not very high, not very challenging. However, when disembarking from the t-bar, my ski got caught and then my jacket caught on the T-bar and I was dragged along. Conveniently - AROUND the emergency stop cord and into a ditch that separates the runs. That is when the T-bar let go of me. I landed in a heap at the bottom of the ditch. Ski patrol was called because I wasn't getting up. I couldn't. I was laughing too hard!!!

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