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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #1

Originally Posted by moogirl View Post
The main ones that pop to mind as you say 'overrated classics' are The Lord of the Rings and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Absolutely nothing connecting them though.

TLOTR I dislike because I found it unnecessarily long, unnecessarily tedious, and had large chunks in Elvish, a language made up by the author, and therefore unreadable. Tolkien also didn't seem to have much grasp of what was and was not interesting to read - he spent ages describing the land and the scenery (which I can understand him being a bit preoccupied with as a fantasy author) but then spent only a couple of pages on action before back to chapters of near monotony. I keep telling myself that I might have been too young/inexperienced when I read it the first time, but I simply cannot bring myself to pick it up again.
You could say that an artist's work does not appeal to everyone. Lord of the Rings appealed to me, when I was thirteen, because of the description. I could feel the quaintness of the Shire, the beauty of Rivendell, and the spleandor of Lothlorien. There's a part of their journey through Lothlorien which says that Frodo, even though he was blindfolded, relied on his other senses more. I loved that description, and would read that again many times.
As for Elvish, I wanted to learn it. I would practice saying the words again and again, and there really is a beauty to it. I can say a few simple words, however, I'm not good at it.

I guess it's not very appealing to most people, because you have to read countless of descriptions before you get to the action. However, it is a bit of a guilty pleasure to me to read the worlds created by a master at his craft, a real literary genius. (Despite my loving the descriptions of LoTR, I must confess I disliked Twilight because of the descriptions of Edward, so I know how some people may feel about LOTR.)



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