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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #1

Originally Posted by moogirl View Post
Ditto. I think it's interesting for non-loving-Heathcliff reasons, but the people who go on about how great he is baffle me a bit - he's a total menace, and that's rather the point of the novel.
I don't necessarily think he is great but I think it's unfair to not have some sympathy for him. The only one which is beyond redemption in my opinion is Hindley because he was abusive towards little Heathcliff purely out of jealousy. It's not like Heathcliff decided to just hate everyone for no reason and hurt them. He hurt them because they hurt him and because they destroyed any chance of his having a relationship with Cathy. Of course, Cathy herself played her part in his sorrows but he loved her too much to take it out on her. In the end, I believe Heathcliff was redeemed because he realized his game had gone too far. He could have tormented little Catherine and Hareton but decided not to. He is a tragic and a flawed hero, but he is nevertheless a hero. His love story is a tragic one and so was his fate.
I don't know, I guess I just don't understand how some readers cannot have any sympathy for his situation at all and therefore end up disliking the novel which is a shame because it truly deserves to be a classic.
It portrays people the way they are, IMO and shows the dark side of love.

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