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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #1

Originally Posted by MmeBergerac View Post
Wuthering Heights. I think many people's opinion about the book is based on trying to find qualities on Heathcliff that he lacks (tormented hero, etc; I just think he's mean). The structure doesn't convince me; when I read it I felt the book lacked internal logic.
Ditto. I think it's interesting for non-loving-Heathcliff reasons, but the people who go on about how great he is baffle me a bit - he's a total menace, and that's rather the point of the novel.

Originally Posted by MmeBergerac View Post
Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde. Is that supposed to be a horror story? Even for Victorian times, I think it's dull.
I felt the same until the last chapter or so when we got Jekyll/Hyde's perspective re: twin demons inside the self. That made the story for me. It was so interesting!

Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
2. Are you glad you read the classic, even if you didn't like it?
Like with Twilight, I'm glad I read them so now I can explain why I dislike them.
Haha, I feel exactly the same way. (About the same book too)

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