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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #1

Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
I can't see anything in them which should make them stand out or have the title of 'classic'. I tried explaining to my year 12 English teacher that "classic doesn't automatically equal quality". She wasn't impressed
Well, entertainment doesn't always mean quality either. I think we need to make a different between good books and books we enjoy to read. There are many books I didn't enjoy reading but I still understood why they were considered good. I don't think the quality of literature has anything to do with how enjoyable it is... It's a complicated issue.
Also, the fact that they don't seem very original or extraordinary to us now, especially in terms of plot, is because we've seen it all, so to speak. There are so many stories everywhere, in books, movies, etc that nothing comes across as original anymore. But many contemporary writers were influenced by classics so that's why some stories appear unoriginal. Also, there is the historical perspective to keep in mind. An author like Jane Austen would probably be succesful now as well but her books wouldn't be considered ahead of their time. In Jane Austen's days most people didn't write about witty and powerful women which is why her books are so appreciated. She was a smart woman, way ahead of her time.

Originally Posted by MmeBergerac
The structure doesn't convince me; when I read it I felt the book lacked internal logic.
I thought that was part of the point. The characters acted from their feelings and desires and not necessarily thought things through before doing so. The book is partly about acting irrational because you followed your heart.

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