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Re: Initials and Nicknames

hmm....some of my friends call me Kellogs (cereal brand in US) cuz my name's Kelly, some of my cousins do too. I get "Kell" as a nickname alot and "Kells." Some kids in my classes last year used to call me "Killer Kelly" because last year in class when we were supposed to be working we were thinking of names for our friends like with an adjective before their name ("Sneaky Sean", "Terrific Tyler", "Evil Eirene", you get the idea...) and so someone thought of "Killer Kelly" and the name kinda stuck even though whenever someone called me that someone else would say "But she's so nice!" it was like opposite of me and I think that's why people liked it plus my math teacher used to joke around saying quiet people (aka me) were violent

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