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Re: Initials and Nicknames

LOL, no joke! I don't think she does know, I'll ask her though!
Oh wow.

Harry Potter was a track star in my town a few years ago. Poor kid.
Oh my god, did he look like Harry at all? Did he get teased or anything?

I've been called The Math Genius by some people for some years now, and I don't know why...
Lol, that's kind of weird. Are you good at math?

And my brother and sister (4 and 13) calls me Dadda, I don't know where that came from (it is only my sister who do this all the time, my brother sometimes call me by my real name, Maren, but he pronounces it really weird I should not laugh about that, he is only for years but it is very fun hearing )
:P That's like my baby cousin. He calls me 'Kitty' because he can't say 'Katie'. Most little kiddies do, so it doesn't bother me.

My cousin has the initials OST, which in Norwegian means 'cheese'
LOL, that's hilarious!

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go 'claws!
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