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Re: Have any Slytherins ever been trustworthy?

Originally Posted by LadySylvia View Post
If there is a problem I have with the Harry Potter series, it was Rowling's tendency to stereotype most of the Slytherin characters. As someone else had pointed out, it was disappointing that many of the Death Eaters turned out to be parents of Slytherin students in Harry's generation. Even more disappointing was that she did not allow any of the Slytherin students to participate in the battle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters in DH.

I don't want to post a spoiler here - not sure if we're allowed to, but, I think she did, she just didn't give any specific names of students - neither Ravenclaw's or Hufflepuff's that weren't from a specific group. Slughorn, though, was Slytherin and one of the last to and incredibly important IMO, especially in HBP.

I always saw JK Rowling stereotyping Slytherins from Harry Potter's point of view, as her primary message in the books was anti-discrimination, so people would see them through a bad light and then realize how wrong they were - one of the reasons I prefer representing the Slytherin house, to point out to people they're just as discriminatory as the people they feel would discriminate against them.


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