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The Eragon (Inheritance Trilogy) Thread v.2

Welcome to the second installment of this thread!

first version

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Originally Posted by RWeasleysgirl View Post
Lol, I suppose I didn’t hate it quite as much as you, but mainly I tend to have a higher opinion of things than many people think they deserve. In my friends’ words: “God, you’re too nice to everything!” I still hated it, but buying it is justifiable.
Originally Posted by AL_Patterson View Post

That site brings up a few things that are pretty hard to debate.
Originally Posted by SeverusLovesUs View Post
That's cool. I am trying not to be negative about the movie. It was beautiful and the acting was great. It was only the storyline that seemed to need improvement. It varied widely from the book and I will concede that it did so unecessarily for some things (like the urgal horns and Arya's pointed ears). Other parts of the plot simply had to be changed to make it fit the cinematic screen. This happens with books to movies all the time. A lot of people complain about the Harry Potter movies leaving things out but they actually do pretty good on staying loyal to the books compared to other adapted movies. I think we take that for granted. If you look at the movie by itself, you see it as a story of a boy who is thrust into a wild destiny and has to come to terms with himself over it and grow into the role. And I think the movie did a good job developing it. It's us poor book fans who know all the rich detail that couldn't fit in. See the movie first and then read the book so you can just enjoy the movie and not have a running dialogue with yourself about how it was so different from the book. Books are always better. We all know that. So yes, I am giving the film some credit and yes I bought the special edition DVD. Anyone ever read Anne Rice's vampire chronicles? They combined two books and made the movie "Queen of the Damned". That movie was so horribly different from the book that I just could not stop ranting about it. A cool movie though, if you don't compare it to the amazing book!
Originally Posted by Venom3384 View Post
Come on Jordmundt, you don't think the movie was funny? Not even a little bit? I saw the movie with my girlfriend (we both had already read the book) and when the narrator started lying in the opening scene about how the prideful Riders killed each other in one great battle we were laughing so hard that the people in front of us had to tell us to shut up.

And basically it was just hilarious all the way through. The way Eragon lies about his age for no reason:
Brom: How old are you? 15? <- Eragon's age in the book.
Eragon: *whining* No! I'm 18!

And how the dwarves were just short people, there were no elves, that one random town, Galbatorix's antic, Durza's flying bat was just good times all around.

Please continue with the discussion!

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