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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by cardinalguy View Post
This. There's a parallel between this moment and the moment with Harry in the cave. Harry is described as "hating himself" as he force-feeds Dumbledore the potion. I suspect that Harry had a similar expression that Snape had. Throw in the fact that a killing curse takes an incredible amount of hatred to be able to cast it, and it's possible that this is the equivalent of Snape "psyching himself up" to do something that he needs to do but doesn't want to do.
I think so. Dumbledore was the last person Snape truly respected and cared for. His death meant the end of Snape's last claim to respectability and human decency; his last link to the "good guys." He was left "dangling on the arm" of Voldemort, as Dumbledore himself phrased it when he refused to let Snape in on what Harry's eventual mission had to be.


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