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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Did Snape see random memories in Dumbledore's mind at the time? Would he have been able to? Was Dumbledore so weak that his mind had become completely open?

He could talk to Draco and do a good bit of persuading; he had the presence of mind to petrify Harry, so that he would be out of harm's way.

I think Snape and Dumbledore shared a moment of Occlumency conversation as it were, where Dumbledore probably implored Snape to kill him. I don't think Snape even thought at that time to peep into Dumbledore's mind, mainly because I think his mind was preoccupied with the act he was going to execute at that moment. To kill Dumbledore.

If Snape had a chance to peep into Dumbledore's mind, would he have?

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