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Re: Severus Snape & The Green Man Motif

A very interesting theory and not one I had considered before, as I always associated the Green Man figure with Hagrid, due to his appearance and association with the Forrest and creatures. Also,as he is the one who tells Harry he is a wizard so is responsible for Harry's re-birthing into a magical world. This is a role he performs for all the students as he introduces them to Hogwarts across the lake as first years. Also, JKR has herself associated Hagrid with the Green Man.

JKR: Hagrid was always supposed to be this almost elemental force. He's like the king of the forest, or the Green Man.


However this doesn't necessarily mean that Hagrid is the only representative of the Green Man within the story. I will need to look into this idea further.

Originally Posted by LyraLovegood View Post

1st, I'm having trouble linking the themes of rebirth and resurrection with the poisonous serpent, the skull, and the Death Eaters.
The Serpent in many cultures is traditionally associated with death and re-birth due to the shedding of it's skin. It is also associated with healing and this can be seen in the modern Cadeceus and the Rod of Asclepius.


Rod of Asclepius:

The snake is also the symbol of the Celtic Goddess Sirona who was associated with healing.

I thought this aspect of the Slytherin symbol was shown when we see Snape healing Draco and when he is responsible for attending to Katie Bell after she was cursed by the necklace, and also to Dumbledore's cursed hand.

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