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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by sekhmetlion View Post
Perhaps Snape considered himself able to rid the position from its curse.
I'm not so sure of this. He appears to have a (IMHO, rather healthy) fear of Voldemort and his abilities (TT posted the quote earlier a few pages back- "'Dumbledore is an extremely powerful wizard,' Snape muttered. 'While he may feel secure enough to use the name…the rest of us…'" This, in addition to his pallor in GoF before going to Voldemort)

This is, of course, supposing Snape knew the true origin of the curse. If he asked, I don't see why DD wouldn't tell him.

Originally Posted by sekhmetlion View Post
I guess the pairing of the classes was established long ago through Hogwart traditions. It doesn't stuck to me like a place where lots of innovations were made each year.
Oooh, good point. After all, weren't Gryffindor and Slytherin friends at first? Perhaps they chose to place their students together before the break-off.

As for whether or not DD believed Snape would become Headmaster: The text leaves it a bit open, but I think it suggests DD believed Snape would be at Hogwarts in some capacity. Headmaster does make a great deal of sense, considering how a) the current Headmaster would be dead by then, b) Voldemort would want one of his people in the top position, and c) considering the Dark Lord's flair for drama and grand gestures, placing the "murderer" of the previous Headmaster in that position would be very much in character for Voldemort, IMO. DD knew Voldemort fairly well and may have drawn the same conclusion.

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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