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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by MsJPotter View Post
He went to Dumbledore with too little, too late in my mind.
I disagree. I think he went to Dumbledore with enough to protect the Potters from being targets of the Prophecy - that is if they were not betrayed by their friends imo.

Peter only gave out the address.
Yes; and I also think he would not be guilty if, after he gave the address he realised how wrong he was, and came to Dumbledore or James and immediately removed himself as SK. Had Peter done something like this, I think I would also not hold him guilty. But he did not; he gave the address so that Voldemort could enter and kill the Potters and he was okay with doing that. So, I find him culpable.

How was he supposed to know what Voldemort was going to do?
Perhaps he did not; but he also knew that the whole purpose of the Potters going under the Fidelus with a SK was to be safe from Voldemort. By telling Voldemort, I think Peter defeated the purpose of the Fidelus, which I believe made him culpable.

Where is Legilimency mentioned?
"Liar," said Snape. Harry's throat went dry. He knew what Snape was going to do and he had never been able to prevent it...

The bathroom seemed to shimmer before his eyes; he struggled to block out all thought, but try as he might, the Half-Blood Prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making swam hazily to the forefront of his mind.

And then he was staring at Snape again, in the midst of this wrecked, soaked bathroom. He stared into Snape's black eyes, hoping against hope that Snape had not seen what he feared, but --
- HBP - Sectumsempra

I thought this was Legilimency.

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
ETA: About DADA: I think the "letter year after year" was a cover story that worked to Dumbledore/Snape's advantage with Umbridge in OotP. Snape and the other teachers knew the position was cursed, according to CoS when Gilderoy was the only one who would take the job.
I think it was a cover concocted between Snape and Dumbledore to fool others that Snape was desperately after the DADA job, but it was withheld so that his 'dark' tendencies could be curbed. This is also what Snape tells Bellatrix in Spinner's End as well imo.

"Gesture!" she shrieked; in her fury she looked slightly mad. "While I endured the dementors, you remained at Hogwarts, comfortably playing Dumbledore's pet!"

"Not quite," said Snape calmly. "He wouldn't give me the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, you know. Seemed to think it might, ah, bring about a relapse...tempt me into my old ways.
" - HBP - Spinner's End

Originally Posted by gabriele87 View Post
It's called an inference. Authors don't always tell you what is happening in a story, but they will show you or hint at it. And based on Harry's Occlumency sessions in OOTP, Snape is clearly using Legilimency against Harry in this moment. The description of having your mind invaded is similar to OOTP's description, and Harry thinks to himself that Snape was seeing his thoughts.

Originally Posted by SadiraSnape View Post
Can't you just see her asking him if his head was full of wrackspurts ("Pardon me, Professor, you seem distracted today. Are the wrackspurts bothering you much? They're certainly a nuisance...")? Or peering at him through the SpectreSpecs in class? But for all we know, she was his favorite student -- she's bright and has a different way of thinking about things, she may have found new ways to brew a Potion that would be vastly superior to the standard way... I think Sev would have appreciated a student who could think so easily outside the box.
I would have loved to see Snape and Luna have a conversation. And I agree Snape would have appreciated her for her novel thinking and her insightful comments about all things and people.

Originally Posted by ccollinsmith View Post
Whether Snape wanted the DADA position or not, this is not, according to my understanding, an accurate interpretation of double agency. RL double agents often do not look neutral. They often look like they are working for the opposite side from the side they are actually working for. There is only one person on the double agent's own side who needs to know where the double agent truly stands: his spymaster.

If we apply this RL paradigm to Snape, this means that it is not as important for Snape to prove himself to the people whose side he's actually serving as it is for him to prove himself to the people whose side he's working against. The only person who needs to know his true loyalties is Dumbledore (his spymaster). The opinions of the people in the Order and Dumbledore's Army are completely irrelevant. In fact, it's often better for a double agent to be mistrusted by people on his own side because that mistrust buys more credibility with the side he's working against.
Great post.

And it keeps his side safe from any suggested kidnappings that the other side may want the double agent to do, because of his *position of trust* within his side imo.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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