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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
Perhaps not, but IMO it does seem to be inferred in the following conversation between them:

(DH pg. 682, US trade ppbk.)

IMO the DADA curse was not broken so Snape will not be returning to that position the following school year, it seems reasonable to me that Voldemort would make him Headmaster. Just my opinion of course.
I do think the passage you quoted between Dumbledore and Snape indicates that Dumbledore believed Voldemort would appoint Snape Headmaster - particularly in the wake of his own death at Snape's hands (another topic Dumbledore and Snape discussed during that conversation).

Now, I don't believe Dumbledore would have gone the extreme of having Snape kill him just to get Snape into Voldemort's good graces. But I do think that when the opportunity (i.e., the ring curse) presented itself, he recognized that his death would lead to Snape's elevation in DE ranks, and almost certainly to Snape's appointment as Headmaster.

It's usually best to appoint people who know the terrain, and Snape knew Hogwarts. There was nobody else on staff believed to be loyal to Voldemort, so no other previous staff member (including McGonnagall) would have stood a chance of being appointed.

I suppose that if Voldemort were being strategically foolish, he could have appointed the Carrows, but he revealed considerably more strategic ability than that in his infiltration and ultimate takeover of MoM. So I strongly doubt he would have made such a strategically foolish maneuver.

Basically, Snape was the most logical candidate under the circumstances, and Voldemort believed him loyal. Dumbledore knew Voldemort often better than Voldemort knew himself, so I do think he anticipated that Voldemort would appoint Snape Headmaster.


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