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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SadiraSnape View Post
I don't think it's a case of who is or isn't actually responsible; the redemption arc is about Severus believing he is responsible, accepting that responsibility, then literally spending the rest of his life trying to rectify that error. What started as doing Right due to guilt about Lily gradually transformed into doing Right for the sake of what is Right.

And that's the true redemption of Severus Snape -- expanding his viewpoint beyond how his actions could affect one person into how the actions of others could affect many, and what he could do to stop it.

Standard JMHO, YMMV disclaimer applies.
I do think he's partly responsible. But the fact that he actively tried to stop the killings from taking place makes him considerably less culpable than the person who betrayed his friends or the person who actually pointed the wand.

However, I do agree with the basic premise of your post concerning the nature and trajectory of his redemption arc.


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