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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I think Snape did feel responsible for Lily's murder. I think he did feel he killed her because of his taking the Prophecy to Voldemort who in turn chose Lily. I think I see Snape's culpability and Lily's murder differently.
I don't know how culpablility is measured, but for me if someone ends up dead because you started a ball rolling down a hill, it don't matter that someone else gave it an extra kick or two, you're culpable. Snape was pretty smart, he knew it as well as anybody else.

Snape's responsibility I think was taking a Prophecy to Voldemort with the knowledge that his action would result in a baby's death and it's parents or siblings too. To that extent I think he was responsible.
It's nice to see you know that he didn't shy from getting people killed.

As a result of that Voldemort targeted Lily. The moment Voldemort did that I think Snape became responsible for Lily being targeted too. I think that was also on his head.

But Snape did not stop there, he ran to Voldemort and requested him to spare Lily's life and then he came to Dumbledore and asked him to protect Lily and the other Potters too. And he came well in time imo.
Well there's nothing like trying to slam the stable door after you have well and truly scared the horses out of the stable.

I think the question for me is when Snape came to Dumbledore did or did he not try his best to repair/undo the damage he did in the first place. I believe he did. Some time later the Potters were betrayed by a man they thought was their friend and Lily died along with James as a result of that betrayal. Was Snape responsible for their deaths at that time? I don't think so.
You can't put a glass bottle back together again after it's been smashed. Snape I tink knew he had smashed the bottle and anything he did after that was just trying to mop up the water. You can mop up the water but you can't get it back in a smashed bottle. What Snape did was try and put the water back and it couldn't be done.

But I don't think Snape saw it this way; all through his life I think he felt he was responsible for Lily's and James's deaths and his remorse was for that as much as it was for taking the Prophecy to Voldemort in the first place, knowing it would result in the death of a child.

Would Snape continue to be responsible and culpable for his actions even after he undid the mistakes he made? I don't think he was, but I also think Snape did feel responsible
Like I said, Snape knew what he had done. He knew that however much he tried it was too little, too late. To his credit I don't think he ever tried to weasel out of it. He never said sorry, but I thnk in his own way he tried to be a better man. Course he had a long way to go from being a terrorist to begin with to being part of the war effort to get rid of his boss in the Death Eaters.

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