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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SadiraSnape View Post
Yes, but I think he would have preferred being pureblood. Not because he had a prejudice against half-blood or Muggleborns (or Muggles, for that matter), but because he didn't like Tobias, and would have rather not been a halfblood because of this particular Muggle. JMO, always.
I wonder if Tobias and Petunia, and the muggle society near Spinner's End helped Snape to agree that Muggles should not be a part of the WW which in turn influenced his thinking about how Muggleborns be introduced into the WW. Because Muggleborns don't come alone; the knowledge of the WW and the world of magic is shared by their relatives who may not be sympathetic to it.

I'm with you there. The only way he would have genuinely been responsible for Lily's death was if he had never tried to tell Dumbledore. I think after the notice of danger was given, he had done the best he could to repair the damage he'd done.
I think that Snape came well in time alters his culpability with the Potters murders. HP Lexicon suggests Snape came to Dumbledore in Aug 1980, and the Potters were killed at Halloween 1981, which I think all but absolves Snape of their deaths.

Snape's Timeline

I know it'll be a controversial idea, but I don't think Severus was responsible for Lily's death --
Thank you. I agree. I don't think he was either.

that being said, he certainly held himself responsible, and never got over the guilt.
I agree. I think Snape held himself responsible too; I think he was shattered when his action of handing over the Prophecy came back to him this way despite his best efforts (I think that's the way Snape saw it). I don't think he ever thought that he was not responsible for Lily's death, though I wonder if he knew or understood later, much later, that Lily died despite his warnings and Dumbledore's efforts to protect the Potters; but (even if he felt that) that I don't think took away what he felt.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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Spotlight on Snape and Molly


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