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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by Cathy Weasley
All this lack of forgiveness makes Snape a very bitter person, whereas Harry who forgives everyone is able to move forward with his life, despite the abuse, horrors and tragedies that have blighted his life.
It's sort of hard to move forward when you're dead**, so Snape's options were limited. And Harry is quite unforgiving of Snape up until the hour of his death, when Harry saw the truth about alot of things in the Pensieve and realized he had to die as well.

And the way it turned out, Lucky Harry/Unlucky Snape.

ETA: **What I mean is: Given nineteen more years, Snape might have forgiven everyone too. He just didn't have that luxury. It hadn't been 19 years between Lily's death and PoA - only about 12 years. So Snape is being held to a higher standard than Harry.



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