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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

1. Do you believe that Snape's soul was still intact after he had killed Dumbledore?

Yes. Soul shredding occurs (in canon) when murder is committed -- cold-blooded, intentional murder which does not have remorse afterwards. It is explicated that Severus does not want to kill DD, wants no part of it, and when he's finally forced into it by circumstances it appears to almost drive him insane.

2. To what extent, do you think, are Snape's parents to blame for his later choices and to what extent are they his own responsibility?

Our parents lay the foundation for how we interact with other people, particularly how we love others and how we deal with disagreements. It's shown to us in canon that Severus' parents fought, and that his mother is a withdrawn shadow of a woman. Thus it's my opinion that he never learned how to have an adult relationship, didn't know how to handle the emotion of love in a mature way, and didn't understand how to relate to other people.

This led to his obsessive love for Lily, and to his apparent inability to really make friends throughout his life. I believe it also formed his personality, that of a cold, unapproachable, caustic tower of sarcasm and irritability.

3. Do you think Snape would have moved on if Lily had not died? Would he have turned to the good side in that case?

I don't think he would have moved on very quickly -- he probably would have kept the flame burning until Lily was much older and had several kids. Then he might have realized he didn't have a chance, and may have looked around for someone else.

I'm going to separate myself from others who say he would not have left the DE's if nothing had happened to Lily -- I believe he would have done what the Blacks did. Eventually he would have been sickened by the lengths to which Voldemort was willing to go, and he would have kept his head down and been a minor player, since we all know once you're a DE you're a DE to the end, whether you want to be or not... Yes, he would have turned to the good side, and probably been a spy anyway. I don't think he could have followed LV to the utter end of Muggle torture and killing, Muggleborn ostracism, and the other extremes the DE's went to. I also do not believe he ever killed anyone besides DD.

4. Snape is revealed to have been acting throughout the series out of love for Lily, how does this effect your view of his actions in the series - his "murder" of Dumbledore, his treatment of Sirius?

His killing of Dumbledore was a mercy killing -- it was planned a year ahead of time (IMO probably would have been handled with a potion, and DD would have let everyone know it was his choice) -- it was a killing done when there were no other options. Severus wasn't going to let Bellatrix or Greyback get hold of the nearest thing he had to a friend, so he gave DD his easy way out with Avada Kedavra. I think it was his love for Lily that brought Severus into the sphere of DD's influence, which had nothing but good effects on him.

As for Sirius, I think it's important to remember that Sirius almost got him killed when they were in school -- that's not something IMO it's easy or even possible to forgive or forget. Severus' love for Lily threw him into constant contact (after Sirius escaped from Azkaban) with the person he probably hated the most in the world, and with the most reason. Sirius is constantly shown as needling Severus every chance he gets -- he rarely calls him anything but "Snivellus". I don't think Severus is to blame for giving back as good as he got.

5. How do the revelations of DH impact your view of Snape's treatment of Harry and Neville throughout the series?

Not much. I think his treatment of Harry is down to Severus being constantly affronted by how little regard Harry seems to hold his mother's sacrifice -- Harry is always breaking rules, taking dangerous risks, and generally not seeming to give a tinker's dam about the life his mother died to preserve. I believe most of the rancor Severus displays towards Harry is in an effort to shame him into taking better care of his life and safety.

As for Neville, I believe Severus' attitude towards him is the same attitude he displays towards any incompetent student in his classes. He doesn't seem to suffer fools lightly, and I believe feels his abilities are wasted in trying to stuff learning into the heads of students who have no aptitude for the subject. His treatment of Neville makes me think Severus should have been teaching at university level, not in a secondary school.

6. Do you think he wanted or needed Harry's forgiveness on some level?

Categorically no. Severus never wanted or needed forgiveness from anyone. He owned his mistakes and his failings; he either worked tirelessly to correct those mistakes or he said, "This is how I am, take it or leave it. I see no need to change."

7. What do you think about Snape's relationship with Dumbledore? Did they become friends or was Dumbledore a substitute father figure for him?

I don't think they became friends, or that DD was a father figure. Severus likely had no use for a father figure, as his own father appeared to be such a non-starter in the role; he probably felt that, given the choice between a bad father or no father, most people are better off with no father.

I believe they became close colleagues, with a healthy respect for each other's abilities. I believe Severus respected DD as the leader of the Order, as the Headmaster, and as a powerful wizard.

8. Do you agree with the author's take on Snape's character as revealed in interviews?

Haven't really read them, what I believe about Snape is built on the books. It seems to me though that JKR likes Snape as a character, but wouldn't like him as a person. What I have read indicates to me that she spent a lot of time doing misdirection with him in interviews, so as not to spoil the books.

9. Which elements do you think make Snape the most controversial character of the series?

His poor childhood experiences, his relationship with Lily, his treatment of his students in general and Harry in particular, his having been a DE, yet his membership in the Order. He is not a black & white character, but crosses all the lines and ends up the one truly grey character in the series.

He's just a lot of fun.

10. What do you think are Snape's major strengths? What are his major flaws?

Strengths: loyalty, honor, self-possessed, intelligent, powerful wizard, calm under stress

Flaws: quick temper, less-than-pleasant personality, low self-esteem which led him to join the DE's, holds a grudge far too long

11. If you had to summarize Snape's character to someone who had never read the books what would you tell them?

It's impossible to do. I'd tell them to read at least the first book, then let's talk.


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