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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by Morgoth
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Thank you! Every circular topic needs more PI.

To what extent, do you think, are Snape's parents to blame for his later choices and to what extent are they his own responsibility?
From what we see in the books, Snape's Muggle father was at least verbally abusive and hard to please. He probably frowned on magic, just like the Dursleys, and since young Snape couldn't control his power any better than Harry could, I think that caused lots of problems. Snape's mother was possibly a Pureblood who wanted him to be in Slytherin, but I don't think she explained all the background of that house to her son or he wouldn't have seen is as the "brains over brawn" house, imo. He also didn't seem to understand that Lily might not make it into Slytherin House. So I would describe young Snape as confused by his divided loyalties to his parents and to the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds.

However, I don't think he would blame his parents for his later choices. Abused children are more likely to blame themselves for trouble between their parents, and I don't think he was any different. However, I think he hoped that once he got to Hogwarts he would be more in control of his destiny than he was at home, and while he could control his grades, his social life at school turned out to be a big mess by the time he was a teenager. Some of that might be caused by low self-esteem he learned at home, but I don't think we can lay the blame for that on his parents since they had nothing to do with the school. The choices he later made were possibly a combination of depression over losing Lily, and trying once again to fit in with a peer group with sensibilities he didn't actually share. Since he regretted all of that so much to the point of remorse, I believe he took the blame himself, and eventually forgave his parents for being so limited and negative (although I believe he did love them). JMO


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